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Creditkarma/Reg/Document-Verify | One of the Leading Credit Cards in USA


Creditkarma/Reg/Document-Verify; The CreditKarma credit card is the Leading Credit Cards company in the USA; With good rates for their customers and this is no doubt a little bit fair than the former Credit card Mission lane we reviewed before this.

On several occasions, people who use this card have testified to the services they get which is far from what many other credit card companies could offer to say the least.

Now, for your own personal security, sometimes you may be required to verify your own personal identity before you can be allowed access into your account and if you have ever found yourself in a tight corner when it concerns being able to login to your creditkarma account due to verification issues, we are more than happy to help with this article.

In view of this, certain questions may arise as it regards Creditkarma/Reg/Document-Verify and this is one of the reasons we included these help links below in any case we didnt cover them in this content.

Support links;

  1. How do I change my email address?
  2. How do I reset my password?

When logged in, make the necessary changes you need to make and then proceed to our reason for writing.

If by any other reason unknown to us you find it hard to login to your creditkarma account, please use this link contact us.

Still there are dos and don’ts of the creditkarma and these links below wil help you get more familiar with them;

Creditkarma/Reg/Document-Verify; Dos and donts



  • Submit two different forms of identification
    • Either two primary documents OR
    • One primary and one secondary document
  • Submit only one form of identification
  • Submit only secondary documents
  • Submit documents with personal information that matches what we have on file for you
  • Submit documents with personal information that doesn’t match what we have on file for you
  • Submit documents that are current
  • Submit documents that are valid
  • Submit documents that are expired
    • Note: due to the COVID pandemic, we understand it may be difficult for you to renew your recently expired documents. Many states have temporarily extended expiration dates on some documents. Please contact us for more help.
  • Submit documents that are not valid
  • Take a photo of the original document
  • Take a picture of a screen or of a photocopy of the document (see exception for utility bills below)
  • Take a photo of the full document, including all sides and corners
  • Crop the image of the document
  • Lay the document on a surface to take the picture
  • Ensure the image of the document is not obscured by fingers or other items
  • Hold the document up to take a picture of it
  • Send an image of a document obscured by fingers or other items
  • Submit clear and legible photos or scanned images
  • Submit unclear images
  • Submit color images
  •  Submit black and white images

There are many documents needed when you wish to get started with CreditKarma and the headings below are the documents needed;

Creditkarma/Reg/Document-Verify Primary documents include:

Creditkarma/Reg/Document-Verify Secondary documents include:

Creditkarma/Reg/Document-Verify Primary Documents

Drivers lisence


Permanent residential ID card (Green card)

Military ID

Creditkarma/Reg/Document-Verify Secondary Documents

Birthday certificate

Marriage certificate

Social security card

Final Utility Bill

We can accept:

We cannot accept:

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